Princes of the Apocalypse

An Underground Complex?

The party travelled upriver about 2 miles which was slow and plodding work.  The river opened up to an underground lake to the west and a quay to the north.  Merrick's light spell also showed the party that a canal to the north could also be seen, the quay bordering the quay and the river the party was currently on.  Torchlight showed that there were two guards, armed with jagged swords and large bronze horseshoe crab swords.

One of the guards began walking towards the edge of the quay facing the party.  Valeria surprised everyone by casting her Eldritch Blast, striking the guard who cried out in pain and alarm on the quay.  Initiatives were rolled, and combat ensued.  The following round, 2 more guards and third figure ran out onto the quay from a side passage.  The party's boats were still roughly 30 ft. from the quay so Idra rowed to get closer, but he found that pulling a second boat with two members casting spells didn't get him very far.  Milpot assisted so their boat (Idra and Milpot's) finally managed to come up next to the quay.  The guards (Reavers) threw their javelins, before charging the party.  Idra and Milpot delt with the brunt of the



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