Princes of the Apocalypse

Returning to Belliard

Poor form on the note taking, and on the party for not bothering to help maintain this site.  Due to this, this entry will be abbreviated and chock full of crunch.  

New prominent figures from Waterdeep have descended into the town of Beliard.

Lord Emory Albrecht

  • Claims he has come to Belliard to investigate the missing delegation and either find the delegates or punish those responsible.  
  • Wears the finest clothing, good looking, slightly aloof, has a light complexion, blond hair, speaks with a comfortable ease of someone used to having orders taken from him.
  • Seems surprised and impressed that he has stumbled upon adventurers that actually know about the disappearance of the delegates and has even met one.
  • Has offered to compensate the party for any assistance that they are able to make on locating these missing delegates.
  • Suggested that the party investigate Rivergard Keep since the party claimed that the delegates were smuggled across the Dessarin River by the denizens there and the rumors that this Lord Grimjaw has set himself up as a bandit-lord, exacting taxes on any river traffic.
  • Is accompanied by two assistants.  [[Mr. Clayton Pierce]], Ambrose Wickes

[[Mr. Clayton Pierce]]

  • Middle aged man, with a bad dye job on hair that is struggling to cover his balding head.  he wears heavy and rich attire buttoned up to the neck and wrists.  Hidden knives along the cuffs of his sleeves have been noticed.
  • Claims that he has been under Lord Albrecht's employ for the last 28 years.
  • Paid Idra 10 gp to compensate and relieve Idra of his room once it was realized that the Inn was full.
  • Seems to be Lord Albrechts intermediary, taking care of the majority of the mundane affairs that may come up.

Ambrose Wickes

  • Middle aged man with a sweaty bald head.  His clothing is not so rich as Mr. Pierce’s but attention is always drawn to his cravat that is ringed from the sweat that falls from his face.  Carries an embroidered handkerchief that he uses to wipe off the sweat.
  • Fingers are stained with ink, he often carries a large and heavy secretary which contains various writing implements, inks, and papers.
  • Seems to be Lord Albrecht's accountant or secretary.
  • Takes extensive notes on any formal meetings that Lord Albrecht has, noting any expenses that have been requested.




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