Milpot Orcshamer

Half-orc Bard



Level 3 Bard, 1800/2700 XP, 28 HP (3d8 Hit Dice) +1 Init 11 AC

STR 16/3 (Save +3), DEX 12/1 (Save Prof +3, ), CON 15/2(Save +2),
INT 11/0 (Save +0), WIS 15/2 (Save +2), CHA 16/3 (Save prof +5)

Expertises: Deception +7, Performance +7
Skill Profs: Acrobatics +3, Animal Handling +4, Athletics +5, Intimidation +5, Investigation +2, Stealth +3
Jack Of Trades: Arcana +1, History +1, Insight +3, Medicine +3, Nature +1,
Perception +4, Persuasion +4, Religion +1, Sleight Of Hand +2, Survival +3

Proficiencies: Light and Medium Armor, Simple and Martial Weapons, Hand Crossbow, Longsword, Rapier Short Sword, Thieves Tools, Lute, Go

Racial Traits –
Relentless Endurance; Once per long rest, if I am taken to 0 HP (but not killed outright), I am at 1 HP instead.
Savage Attacks; On Melee Crit., add one extra damage die.

Bardic Traits:
Bardic Inspiration; CHA Mods times per Long Rest, as a bonus action, may give a 1D6 inspiration die to anyone who can hear my words/singing. Inspiration Die can be used 1 time in the next 10 minutes for Attack Rolls, Saves, Ability Rolls, and as a member of the College of Valor, also Damage Rolls or as a Reaction, to AC.
Jack of All trades: All Skill profs that are not Proficient or Extpertise, gain 1/2 round down Prof Bonus.
Song of Rest; while Short Resting, anyone who can hear my restful song and uses at least 1 recovery die gains +1D6 HP.
Expertise: Two Proficient skills become Expertises and add 2xProf Bonus.
College of Valor:
Proficient; medium armor, shields, and martial weapons.
Bardic Inspiration Die may be applied to Damage or as a Reaction, to AC.

Bardic Magic; Spell DC 13, Spell Mod +5, 4 1st level slots, 2 2nd level slots
2 Cantrips (Mend, True Strike)
6 Known Spells, Level 1 (Cure Wounds, Taschas Hideous Laughter, Identify, Heroism, Comprehend Languages) , Level 2 (Invisibility)


Criminal Background : Fence (has partner with large network of contacts. Can always be contacted.)

Personality Traits; I don’t pay attention to Risks in a situation. Never tell me the odds.

Ideals: Honor – Do not steal from others in the trade.

Bonds: Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made. That will never happen again.

Flaws; If there is a plan, I will forget it. If I do not forget it, I will ignore it.

Milpot Orcshamer

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