Lord Grimjaw


A self proclaimed Lord of Rivergard Keep.  Lord Jolliver Grimjaw maintained a front that he was a person of noble bearing whose efforts were to quash the banditry along the Dessarin River.  He charged any passing transport taxes to both rebuild his keep and pay his men for their efforts in weeding any bandits that operated along the river.

Evidence from the brief scanning of notes and reports that were found on Grimjaw's desk was that he actually led many of the bandits in the area and had a network of spies in and around the Dessarin Valley that reported to him.  Descriptions of the party members were found from a report in a location abbreviated R.L.

Jolliver Grimjaw also suffered from lycanthropy, changing form into a wereboar during the party's sieging Grimjaw's keep.

Lord Grimjaw

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