Princes of the Apocalypse

Assault on a Monastery

The problems of planning too little...

After entering in through the monastery's front door and taking out the two guards the party decided to press on into the monastery.  Opening the door to the right, a corridor continued and then turned left.  2 doors were on the right so the party went ahead and opened the first one.  This opened into a somewhat oblong Scriptorium where 4 monks were sitting at desks writing or copying papers. As the door opened, one of the monks stood up and saw the party in the door. Initiative was called for.


The four monks split up into pairs, the closest two converged onto Merrick as he charged into the room.  The second pair of monks ran to the back of the room and entered into the main hall from the second door.  From there they began running up the hallway towards the rest of the party who had yet to fully exit from the main entrance room.  Combat ensued, Merrick took quite a bit of damage from the stone monks but the party finally managed to take the monks out but not before one of them cried, "Intruders!"


This brought 5 more monks from deeper inside the complex to enter into the fray just as the party were mopping up the Scriptorium monks.  Idra and Kleckhain moved forward to attack the monks as they came, down the hallway.  4 of the monks looked very similar to the ones that you met in the entrance and in the Scriptorium, the fifth monk wore a gargoyle mask that had no eyes.  During this combat Mojo had used a thunder wave spell to concuss some of the monks and the noise shook the monastery's foundations (alerting the rest of the monastery that bad things were happening).


A second and third thunder wave spell continued to emphasize that the monastery was under attack so the entire populace began moving towards the party (unknown to them at the time).  After Kleckhain downed the monk he was dueling, leaving an open path to the blind monk, the blind monk attacked.


She was unnervingly fast, and her skin seemed hard as stone.  The two traded blows (and words) for a few rounds, some of Kleckhain's attacks were parried and her speed seemed to allow her to counter attack after these.  Kleckhain fell as the blind monk's attacks struck him in several pressure points, eventually knocking the enraging dwarf out.  Idra, had been holding onto his last Ki power and once his long duel with a stone monk was concluded used it to attack the blind monk once the dwarf had fallen.  Unfortunately, Idra had taken enough wounds that when one of his attacks was parried, the blind monk managed to counter and catch Idra off guard, downing him as well.


The rest of the group were a short pace away (20-25 ft. away) and were using the doorway into the Scriptorium as a defensive point.  Poor Mojo continued to be dropped and raised which made it difficult for him to be truly effective as the monks continued to push into the room and eventually be whittled down.  As combat continued, more monks entered in from the direction that the party had come from, as well as a pair of Dueregar that shifted into Large size and seemed raring for a fight.


The blind monk retreated from combat after the Milpot used his wand of magic missiles and Merrick cast Guiding Bolt doing a combined 39 points of damage in a round.  The blind monk retreated after this through a side door and was soon replaced by 2 more stone monks that bound Kleckhain and Idra while stabilizing them.


Eventually the party inside the Scriptorium became entrapped and in one round both Axel (the NPC) and Mojo fell to the Dueregar's heavy mauls.  Milpot attempted to go invisible, but even at a disadvantage a stone monk managed to strike his form, taking him to zero.  Merrick was the last one standing as 4 monks and the 2 giant Dueregar converged on him.  Merrick went down, managing to take a monk with him while calling on his god, Tritherion to bring vengeance upon these foes.


The party did much better and lasted a lot longer than I had thought they would.  Unknown to you guys was the number of denizen within the monastery or how they would react to such a breaching.  You all killed 11 stone monks and made the blind monk, who carried herself as some sort of leader, retreat.  I know morale was low, but the party really did grind through the numbers.  When you all come to, everyone finds themselves spread out in 3 different barred cells that have been hewn out of the stone underground.  Your gear has been stripped, armor taken, and you are standing around in your skivvies.  There are other prisoners in the cells around you when you wake.

That is where we will start next week.



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