Princes of the Apocalypse

Party Cohesiveness and Loyalty

Last night wasn't as intensive as the fight in the Tomb of the Moving Stones but there were quite a lot of important social work that happened.  The recent cult activities have put a lot of pressure on the town of Red Larch so Harburk and company will struggle to bring the guilty to justice and find out what all is involved.  Barragustas is imprisoned and though the party wasn't as keen on Harburk's initiative with regards to him not running out and arresting various members of Red Larch, he did seem like he took his role seriously and would see the investigation through.  Unfortunately, this is how things tend to go in small, close-knit communities.


John brought this up last night and I'd recommend you all give it some thought to how you want to mesh the character's together within the party.  We started this as a series of one-shots so that we could touch on 5e and see what is what so the character development and inter party cohesiveness wasn't as important then.  You all have faced some relatively challenging and dangerous foes and with the aid of each other has managed to pull through (if somewhat distressed at falling rocks and/or seemingly dead bodies).  Magic item disbursement would be something else that you may want to consider.


Magical items in 5e is not as prevalent as it had been in 3.5.  It would be very rare to find Ye Olde Magic Shoppe in the world of 5e because the prices for said items would be ridiculously high.  Only the very rich could afford to purchase and item, and it would be far cheaper to hire assassins to hunt down and eliminate an owner of a magical item than it would be to go and purchase it outright.  You may come across a seller of such an item(s) but this would be a rare encounter and one that would usually bring about some degree of suspicion as to the integrity of the seller.  


As I said last night, after having defeated Larrakh, there is much left open for the party to decide on what to do and where to go.  Greenboot was a fine choice to investigate though you are starting to see why his exclamations have been doubted in town.  Your hiring of (young) Axel "Rose" Penley the ranger was an interesting one which has brought up hirelings and henchmen.  The going rate for skilled Hirelings is 2 gp./day and so I'd thought I'd touch on an optional mechanic that has been introduced: Loyalty.


So, Loyalty is a tracking chart that the GM uses to keep track of how loyal and honest an NPC is towards the party.  Overtime, with good relations, an NPC may not only view their employment to the PCs as important but also believe in the party's goals and desires.  NPCs with high loyalty may even put their lives in danger to save party members.  NPCs with low loyalty may desert or follow their own goals in ways that might be adverse to the party's goals.  People are people and so will have their own motivations and desires – loyalty is just one way to see how their goals and ideals mesh with those of the party.


I'm also using the Loyalty chart to help me keep track of those party members who have ties to Organizations (Zentarim, Order of the Gauntlet, etc.).  Your stature within these organizations will also rise and fall based on your ability to accomplish goals that the organization you are tied to are interested in.


Anyway, just a few tidbits to fill up your email today.



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