Princes of the Apocalypse

The Price of Freedom

  1. Cessation of Violence
  2. The Undead is Further Harassed
  3. Reinforcements
  4. Death of a Companion

Cessation of Violence

"Right, so, enough of this bullshit or I cut the half-blood's head off!"  Jorth, the Orog, had knelt down and had placed a serrated knife under Milpot's neck while he was unconscious .  The jail keeper's subordinates took a half step back and took up defensive poses while Drool stood off to one side with his heavy club drooling.

Jorth had explained that as far as he was concerned, the party of heroes had won.  The stone monks had fled down below into the depths of the earth where their Earth Temple was located.  He mentioned that their leader, Hellenrae the abbess and blind monk, had retreated down below about an hour before with 2 minotaurs carrying a heavy trunk.  He also mentioned that 4 Duergar had also came down the stairs and fled through the tunnel network with large sacks on their back filled with food and probable loot.  Jorth was tasked with killing the prisoners and fleeing down below, but he was finished with taking orders and decided to go off on his own, as well.  Seeing as the heroes had returned, he figured that the prisoners probably were worth some coin.  Both Hellenrae and the duergar left with gear and loot so he was going to let the party members continue being the heroes for the right price.

During the tense negotiations, Mojo managed to cast a charm spell and bring Jorth under his influence.  While charm doesn't really change one's nature, he was much more inclined to work with the party and so gave the party Milpot's unconscious body before the final death save could be failed!  With the token of good faith, the party retreated back up to the upper level to devise a plan and look for whatever was of value that had been left behind.  He gave the party 2 hours to return or he would then begin killing the prisoners.

The Undead is Further Harassed

While the party began investigating the abandoned rooms of the monastery, Kleckhain returned to the Lich's quarters and began asking the undead revenant questions.  With a bit of uncanny luck, the revenant reiterated that the party's struggle with the monastery was not his and that he wanted no part in it.  When pushed with the suggestion that the party could help ensure that the monks did not return, the undead figure offered them respite should they need it in his adjoining room.  He admitted that the name Samular Caradoon that the party members discovered on the sarcophagus below was the undead's brother and that the undead was made by an act of his brother's own doing some 600 years ago.  

Feeling like this was as much as he was going to get out of the revenant, Kleckhain left to go find the rest of the party.


As the party continued their search for things to buy the Orog off, they discussed what options they had open to them.  They had already been in the thick of it several times that day and so most of them were tired and the spell caster's available spells were low.  Ultimately the party weighed in on the Feathergale Knights that were patrolling above to assist them or to at least offer their suggestions as to what was to be done.  

Petrov had remained behind, apparently having delegated the escorting of Qarbo to the Feathergale Spire to a subordinate, and welcomed the chance to go below and bring his vengeance onto those responsible for the killing of his brother.  With Petrov, 2 Feathergale Knights would escort him and the party felt better with their numbers boosted.

Several options were discussed, many plans suggested and then tossed aside as there seemed to be a differing of opinion as to how to deal with Jorth and his guards.  Merrick was fine with paying Jorth and his orogs off while Mojo refused to give away any of the loot that they had managed to find during their search.

The party had managed to find Qarbo's quarters, a room that they had stumbled upon earlier and then left when one of Qarbo's bodyguards rose in the night.  The room had been ransacked and a large chest smashed open.  A few coins littered the room, but the bulk of the party's materials remained behind.  Merrick's shield and holy symbol was found as was Milpot's lute and Mojo's spellbook.  The money that they had acquired before having journeyed to the Monastery seemed to have been looted by the Duergar.  Off in one corner of the room a small chest was missed since it was lying underneath a broken bunk.  Qarbo’s Chest

Knowing that once the charm spell wore off that Jorth would be wise to what had happened, Mojo and the party didn't think that Jorth would be open to much negotiation.  The party decided to try and assault the room from multiple sides in coordination with one another.  Much of this plan was based on being able to contain Jorth and his guards in the room and limit their means of escape.  Petrov and the Feathergale Knights were instructed to stay out of eyesight in the mausoleum until he heard fighting and then rush in.

Unfortunately, whatever plan had been finalized fell apart once the party members exited the mausoleum and saw one of the orogs peeking through the door watching the passage way.  Upon seeing the party, the orog moved back into the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.  The party moved forward, giving up their design to send a sorte to the other side of the guard room, and opened the door.

Jorth and both orogs were spaced around the room standing behind 2 prisoners each that had their hands tied behind their back and were standing on their knees.   Jorth immediately took hold of the situation and made sure that he was taken seriously by reaching down to one of his prisoners and cutting their throat as the party looked in.   Hollering for the money to be paid, Kleckhain moved forward with his fake bag of treasure.  Tired of having to play nice with the party's interests and wanting to take out his frustrations of being called 'First Down' (a nickname the Duergar had apparently given him) thew the bag of random junk at Jorth, striking him in the chest as he charged Drool, the ogre.

Initiatives were made and a brutal battle commenced.  One of the orogs ran out of the room and was surprised to meet the rest of the party and later reinforcements on his own.  Drool and Kleckhain exchanged blows as Jorth and Merrick battled each other.  Outside the room, the orog managed to take Idra down with his heavy longsword, Kleckhain managed to bring down the Drool but was subsequently cut down by Jorth after Merrick had fallen.  As the party pressed into the room, chaos continued to ensue and the party watched in horror as Petrov used his arcane arts with an area effect spell that killed some of the prone and defenseless prisoners (as well as damaging Jorth).  Jorth and his lone orog guard decided to flee the room out the north passage.  The party attempted to cut Jorth off, but the maze of tunnels confused them as they set up in juctions and waited for the orogs to present themselves, which never happened.

Idra had been revived and even his speed was not sufficient to catch up with the jailers as they retreated.  Merrick was revived before he expired, but Kleckhain passed through the veil and his body laid still amidst the gore of the bloody exchange.  Petrov offered to take Bruldenthor with them back to Waterdeep which the party agreed to as they tried to figure out what to do with the rest of the prisoners and what to do with the body of their fallen companion.  

Jorth’s Room




Hey Mojo wasn’t against paying off the orogs, he merely doubted we had enough treasure to do so.

The Price of Freedom

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