Feathergale Spire

Lord Commander:  Thurl Merosska

Lieutenant: Savra Belabranta

1st Floor: Stables for Giant Vultures and Hippogriffs

2nd Floor: Main Entry

3rd Floor: Bedrooms, Dining Room

4th Floor: Bedrooms, Lord Commander's Room

5th Floor: Viewing level of the tower

Feathergale Knights:  Richard Berard, Jacqueline Moray, Burkhard Russ, Otho Paveley, Lucan Pelleas, Henry Grosmont (wounded), Andre Rideford (deceased), Petrov Rideford

Milpot Orkshamer succeeded in bringing back the head of the manticore during the hunt.

Kleckhain Hollowpick searched and discovered a letter to Thurl Merosska.


We are pleased to hear about the outcome of your altercation with the Black Earth cult, and we praise you for the capture of one of their prisoners.  This noblewoman from Waterdeep has an interesting tale to tell, and we shall enjoy interrogating her further.  Keep a close watch on the Sacred Stone Monastery.  I want to know what our enemy is planning next.

Your beloved queen,

Aerisi Kalinoth

Idra's horse Peanut is currently being stabled and cared for within the tower.

Merrick, Idra, Milpot, and Axel returned from a side trip and brought back 2 Griffin eggs to Thurl as a means of showing gratitude for the Spires rescuing of the party from the Black Earth cult and the loss of one of the Feathergale Knights in the process.

The Feathergale Knights have shown to have some arcane abilities at their disposal while casting frost rays down at the Black Earth's gargoyle sentries.

Feathergale Spire

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