Sacred Stone Monastery

Persons of Note:  Qarbo, Abyss of Stone

Minions: Stone Monks, Dueregar, Black Earth Guards, Jurth the ogron, ogron, Drool the Ogre, Gargoyle sentries

Hidden inside of a small box canyon, the monastery hosts a number of martial artists dedicated to the mysterious Black Earth cult that worships Ogremoch.  More stronghold than monastery, the outpost is situated in the Dessarin Hills which allows the cultists to prey upon the denizens of the surrounding valley.

Bruldenthor, one of the missing delegates from Mirabar, was found below the monastery in a prison cell with other captives from the surrounding countryside.  He and the other prisoners, mostly commoners, have been forced to mine seemingly pointless tunnels below the monastery over long hours and for little food.  

During one of the escape attempts, Mojo discovered that the cultists have a beast fitted with metal claws locked in a cage below the main alter room.  



Sacred Stone Monastery

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